6 Crazy Creative Recipes for Spring

It’s impossible not to get excited about spring if you’re a foodie. All the fresh produce starts appearing and the delicious options become endless. We figured there isn’t a better way to share our excitement for the upcoming fresh veggies than with a few crazy creative (and sometimes over the top) recipes.

Try some of them out and let us know how it went! There’s nothing like a kitchen adventure while the birds are chirping outside your window!

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Mac & Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Say what? Yeah – someone has stuffed a pepper with mac and cheese and it’s delicious. Not only that, but it saves you a bowl! The crispy freshness of the pepper (if you’re careful in your technique) lightens up this dish enough that it almost feels springy. You can add some tomatoes to your mac and cheese if you’re feeling extra adventurous to make it even more springy fresh.

Springy Asparagus Sandwich

Asparagus, boiled eggs and onions unite to create a super interesting and ridiculously delicious spring sandwich. While it’s not vegan, it certainly is easily converted to a vegetarian treat, but meat eater or not it’s a pretty fantastic and easy to make dish.

Salt & Vinegar Zucchini Chips

It’s all so kismet. Spring is here, zucchinis are on their way and chips are generally considered delicious, but oh so starchy. We love these zucchini chips. Not only do they actually get pretty crispy, but they’re so fresh and different, it’s really kind of the perfect (and basically guilt-free) snack.

Edible Flower Bark

We’re not advocating running around and stealing spring flowers from your neighbors’ gardens. They won’t like you if you start doing that, and you want your neighbors to like you, right? However, if you come by your edible flowers honestly this treat is absolutely perfect! It’s got a hint of a floral flavor, lots of chocolate and it just looks like the sunshine is here.

Carrot-Lemon Risotto

If you’re tricky about serving this one, you might get the kids to dig in, thinking its mac and cheese. They’ll obviously know once they taste it, but by then they’ll be so overcome with the deliciousness of this combination they won’t care….maybe not, but this unusual combination is an absolute spring treat!

Kohlrabi Fritters

Kohl-what? If you’ve met kohlrabi, it’s a deliciously firm vegetable that tastes a little like cabbage but has the texture of a radish. It’s supposed to be super healthy for you and frankly, it’s pretty delicious. Another way to ramp up anything’s deliciousness is to fry it (obviously). These awesome little fritters are absolutely delicious and super fresh (as fresh as a fried cake can be at least).

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