Sourdough Bread | $5

Our sourdough bread is made in house from an aged culture that began its life in San Fransisco, traveled to Denmark and eventually made its way to Culinaria’s kitchen via Chef Taylor. The bread itself is of high moisture content, making it just as great by the slice or as the foundation for an amazing grilled cheese.

Ingredients: Water, whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, spelt flour, sourdough culture, yeast, salt.


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House-Churned Miso Butter | $5

Our house churned butter is an umami bomb. A reduction of our chickpea miso creates a mouth watering flavour that pairs extremely well with our sourdough bread. Use it to add flavour to a sandwich or an extra pop to some fresh Ontario sweet corn.

Ingredients: 35% Cultured Cream, Salt, Miso (Chickpea, Koji, Water, Salt).


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House-Cultured Creme Fraiche | $4

Our homemade “sour cream” or creme fraiche is slightly acidic with citrus notes and an smooth body. In our kitchen, it is a staple in many dishes. At home, you can use it anywhere that you would normally use sour cream like cheesecakes, veggie dips and so much more.

Ingredients: 35% Cream, Buttermilk


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Seed-So Reduction | $10

Our seed-so, or “seed miso” reduction is a special miso, created entirely from sunflower seeds. We cryo-clarify, or freeze clarify, and reduce the mixture by applying heat at 65 Degrees. This creates a syrup, that is very high is glutamic acid, leaving your mouth with wonderful umami sensation. Use it anywhere you would use a highly salted sauce like soy. You can use it as as a glaze for beef or fish or even as a base for an Asian inspired dressing.

Ingredients: Sunflower Seed, Water, Koji, Salt, Miso


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Pea-So | $6

Typically, miso is made from fermenting soy beans. However, Chef Taylor has created an interesting and unusual twist on miso, but using the same technique, but fermenting chickpeas instead. After a 3 month fermentation time, our miso (pea-so) paste is ready. The result is a slightly acidic umami bomb with nutty undertones. Use our miso paste in soup, or to season any broth based dish.

Ingredients: Chickpea, Koji, Water, Salt, Miso


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Bread-So Reduction | $10

Once day, while experimenting in the kitchen, we accidentally invented, what we now call, “bread-so”. Basically, it’s a bread-based miso that has a one month fermentation time. At the end of the process, the proteins from the bread work with the miso to create an amazingly sweet umami sensation. You can use bread-so in any place that you would use seed-so or regular miso paste, but watch out for the sugar content of this creation when you’re using it in recipes. Try it on vanilla ice cream or as part of the salt for your next bread baking adventure.

Ingredients: Bread (Water, flour, yeast, sourdough, salt) koji, salt, water, miso


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Dill Oil | $8

There is no better way to preserve herbs that are in season than to make oil. Dill oil is a staple in our kitchen, and soon to be a staple in yours as well. It adds a layer of interest into salad dressings, dips, or any recipe that calls for unheated oil.

Ingredients: Fresh Dill, Canola Oil

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Basil Oil | $8

Preserving fresh herbs in oil not only allows you to enjoy the fresh flavour of them well into the winter season, but it gives you an ultra-versatile way to add more flavour to salad dressings, dips or any recipe where you’re using unheated oil. You can even try adding basil oil to fresh bread or your favourite pasta dish.

Ingredients: Fresh Basil, Canola Oil


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Homemade Organic Black Garlic | $5

Black garlic is an old Japanese tradition that harnesses the power of fermentation to transform this simple ingredient into something decedent. Black garlic is sweet and smokey with hints of molasses and of course, garlic. It can be used in any dish where garlic is welcome flavour. It will deepen and enhance the flavour of the ingredient in your dish. In our kitchens, we use it in a variety of dishes, as well as in our signature Caesar dressing.

Ingredients: Garlic

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