Future Foodies Summer Camp

Culinaria Restaurant 5732 Kennedy Rd, Mississauga

In our Future Foodies summer camp, each week presents a distinct culinary adventure, featuring a unique set of skills and recipes. Whether your child joins us for a single week or the entire month, they'll enjoy a fresh and engaging culinary curriculum, each and every time.

$425.00 – $800.00

Teen Summer Sessions – Savoury Breads

Culinaria Restaurant 5732 Kennedy Rd, Mississauga

Join us for “Savory Breads,” a class dedicated to the art of baking delicious savory treats. From breads and pizzas to various dough-based creations, this session is all about the joy of working with dough. Teens will have fun learning to punch, pull, and squeeze dough into tasty masterpieces. Throughout the class, your kids will delve into a variety of savory baking recipes, including different kinds of Breads and Pizzas with various toppings.

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