Private Spaces

Our unique little venue is located inside what used to be The Elliot House, a historic old farmhouse in Mississauga, Ontario. Inside the limestone exterior, you’ll find a little bit of history, a little bit of rustic charm and a host of culinary experience. Our space offers exposed limestone walls, original fireplaces, bookcases and woodwork, an original staircase and 4 of our 5 dining spaces are part of the original house. We’ve also added modern touches to elevate your experience, with things like sliding barn doors, beautiful new skylights and lots of modern amenities. The West Room, which is an addition onto the original house, also features plenty of large windows, and our foyer features a skylight, which allows plenty of natural light to flood the space.  We invite you to explore our spaces below, and don’t forget to get in touch to schedule a tour with our event coordinator.

The West Room

The West Dining Room is the largest of our five private rooms. It is an extension of the original building, carefully decorated to keep the historic feel of the original home. The room is surrounded by windows, flooded with sunlight during the day and taking on an elegant ambiance as the sun sets, making it a favorite for weddings and corporate functions.

Room Capacity: Family Events: 75 | Corporate: 45

The Library

The Library is an elegant dining room containing much of the original charm and beauty from the Victorian era. These beautiful and historic features set the mood for a quiet romantic dining experience, a small holiday party or any other family or corporate function.

Room Capacity:  Family Events: 32 | Corporate: 26

The Victoria Room

The Victorian Room is part of the original home, which has been maintained to keep it’s Victorian era feel. It is elegantly decorated with accents from the original Elliot House. This warm and inviting room is the perfect spot for an intimate dinner for two, a small breakfast meeting or a family get-together.

Room Capacity: Family Events: 24 | Corporate: 18

The Lofts

North Loft –  Family Events: 20 | Corporate: 15
The North Loft is the ideal space for quiet private corporate meetings and presentations and smaller family events. It is located upstairs to the left-hand side of the staircase, which is part of the original build of the house.

South Loft – Family Events: 12 | Corporate: 10
The South Loft is the smallest private dining room inside Culinaria. It is perfect for small private corporate meetings, presentations and family events. This is also the room that we would use as a Bridal Suite for your wedding day! It is located upstairs to the right-hand side of the staircase, which is part of the original building of the house.