Team Building Experiences

Team Building Experiences

Our team building events are a great way to encourage your team to connect; fostering communication, comradery and positive interactions within your group. We get the conversation started and teach your team that together, they can create something spectacular, in and out of the kitchen.  At the end of the experience, participants retire to our dining spaces.  Our team then serves them the food they created through a full service private dining experience.  If you’re looking to build a different kind of culinary experience for your group or team, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss what we can do to help.    To get started, call us at 905-890-7330 or email us at:

Step One

Gather Your Group

Each team building event needs a minimum of 6 people to optimize the experience. You don’t have to be a traditional team to participate. So, grab a group of coworkers, friends or family to cook in the kitchen!

Step Two

Design an Experience

We offer a wide array of ways to create an event that is completely customized to you. From bar packages, to setup customizations, and add-ons and extras, we’ll help you design an unforgettable experience.

Step Three

Build a Menu

Customize your culinary experience with a ton of choices and combinations to make the perfect menu for your team. We even have plant-based options, so that absolutely everyone enjoys the meal.

Step Four

Choose Your Add-Ons

We have three additional experiences available, to add onto your event, which include:  Blind Taste Testing ($15PP), Herb and Spice Sensory Activity ($10PP), Wine Tasting ($25PP).  One add-on is required for groups of 14+.

Step Five

Cook with Us

On the day of your event, participants will spend an hour or so in the kitchen, making the menu you designed. If you’ve chosen add-ons, everyone will take turns participating in the add-on experience and cooking.

Step Six

Relax + Enjoy Your Meal

When everything is done and the meal is ready to enjoy, your team will be seated in our dining rooms.  They’ll be treated to any menu upgrades and beverage packages you’ve chosen as they’re served their meal.

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