Thoughtfully Crafted & Beautifully executed

Culinary Experiences

Chef Taylor is a champion for all things local and seasonal and also an avid fermentation and natural preservation enthusiast, which you can see reflected throughout each rustic dish we serve up. Each menu item is carefully and thoughtfully designed to celebrate the local ingredients that are available to us. With each bite you can rest assured that each ingredient has been considered, celebrated and treated mindfully to intentionally craft a delicious and memorable dining experience. We are open Wednesday thru Friday; 11:30am-3:30pm and 4:30pm-9:30pm. We’re open Saturday 4:30pm-9:30pm. If you’d like to book a table, simply call 905-890-7330 or reserve your space online.

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Gravlax Carpaccio
lemon thyme and juniper cured organic salmon, preserved summer gooseberry, house cultured creme fraiche, dill oil, filo crisp, fresh frisee lettuce
Fogo Island Calamari
crispy winter spiced North Atlantic squid, homemade summer pickles, fresh frisee lettuce, black garlic aioli
Labrador Scallop
yakitori chargrilled Canadian sea scallops, preserved summer berries and currants, nori salt, ginger and pineapple foam, herb and whey sauce
Cold Water Canadian Shrimp
gently poached baby shrimps, shallot and garlic sofrito, chargrilled squash, caramelized whey sauce, dill oil, preserved summer cherry tomato, kale crisps

Soups & Salads

Truffle Soup
preserved summer truffle, foraged and cultivated Ontario mushrooms, mushroom and lentil shoyu, creme fraiche
Black Garlic Caesar Salad
homemade organic blackened garlic, house pepper cured bacon, parmigiano reggiano, crispy capers, sourdough croutons, fresh romaine, Cookstown kale crisp
Autumn Leaves
mixed greenhouse lettuces, preserved summer currants and berries, homemade feta cheese, candied walnuts, coconut filo crisp, late harvest radish, espresso & wildflower honey vinaigrette
Salad Upgrades:  Add a Portion of Salmon, or Shrimp, Chicken or Scallop

Business Lunch

Join us for a delicious break from your day.  Our business lunch menu features three thoughtful courses which include; your choice of soup or salad to start, followed by one of our featured proteins and your choice of side. If you’d rather have dessert, swap out your side dish for a sweet treat to end your meal. Our business lunch is designed to offer a well-balanced lunchtime dining experience with the speed you need, if you’ve got a limited time to spend with us.  Business lunch is $49/Person and offered  Monday – Friday during lunchtime hours.


Mushroom Flatbread
homemade fenugreek infused sourdough, caramelized mushroom, madeira glaze, parmigiano Reggiano alfredo sauce, herb preserved cherry tomato
Choice of three house cheeses and three cured meats, homemade pickles, crackers, candied nuts, fresh berries and olives
Fritto Misto
lightly breaded and fried Fogo Island calamari and sweet Canadian shrimp, halibut tempura bites, black garlic aioli, homemade pickles
Zested Lamb Lollipop
yakitori charcoal grilled 6-point Australian lamb, herb and citrus crust, homemade pickles, black garlic aioli
Smoked Salmon Pakora
crispy chili infused chickpea batter, gently cured and juniper smoked salmon, garlic,  shallot and bell pepper sofrito, fresh  greenhouse cilantro, homemade dill yogurt
Duck Confit Bruschetta
homemade “miso” rye toast, 12 hour braised duck leg, caramelized squash, house cultured fresh cheese, sweet and sour balsamic glaze


All main courses are served with citrus infused carrot, foraged and cultivated Ontario mushrooms and spiced squash

24 Hour Lamb Shank
braised and rosemary infused Alberta lamb, preserved summer currants, roasted garlic mashed potato, brandy jus
Koji Duck
specialty brined and “dry” aged Muscovy duck breast and confit leg, roasted garlic mashed potato, preserved summer currants, miso jus
Chicken Supreme
seared and gently smoked free range chicken, roasted garlic mashed potato, madeira jus
Brown Butter Striploin
10oz butter aged Canadian prime striploin, roasted garlic mashed potato, port wine jus


All main courses are served with citrus infused carrot, foraged and cultivated Ontario mushrooms and spiced squash

Organic Salmon
herb crusted salmon, preserved summer gooseberry, parmigiana reggiano risotto, caramelized whey sauce
Wild Halibut
Crispy skin 8oz pacific halibut, pecorino Romano and herb risotto, preserved summer gooseberry, caramelized whey sauce


All main courses are served with citrus infused carrot, foraged and cultivated Ontario mushrooms and spiced squash

Cabbage & Whey (v)
seared and brown butter basted savoy cabbage, preserved summer pickles, roasted garlic mashed potato, dill oil, caramelized whey sauce
Grilled Leek (ve)
sweet charred leek, homemade “soy” glaze, winter truffle and chive oil, coconut infused risotto, caramelized root vegetable sauce

Risotto & Pasta

All pasta is made in house using free range egg, semolina flour and Colavito extra virgin olive oil

Seafood Risotto
North Atlantic calamari, Canadian baby shrimp, sea scallops, colossal black tiger shrimp, parmigiana Reggiano
Shrimp and Scallop Sugo
gently poached Canadian cold-water shrimp, black tiger shrimp, Atlantic sea scallop, homemade scallop “fish sauce”, semolina fettuccine, chili and fennel tomato sauce
Pesto t Agua Telle
fresh greenhouse basil, toasted pine nuts, aged parmigiana Reggiano, preserved summer cherry tomato, kale crisps, sustainable protein of your choice
Prime Bolognese
fermented chili and nutmeg tomato sauce, semolina spaghettini, caramelized Canadian beef, preserved cherry tomato, kale crisps, parmigiana Reggiano
Fettuccine al Funghi (v)
caramelized foraged and cultivated Ontario mushroom, madeira wine infused alfredo sauce, parmigiana Reggiano, herb preserved cherry tomato
Duck Ravioli
slow braised duck leg, caramelized butternut squash, mushroom and madeira wine glaze, kale crisp, house cultured fresh cheese, preserved summer currants



Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato
Greenhouse Herb Risotto
Culinaria’s Fermented Fries


Sauteed Ontario Mushrooms
Citrus Seared Kale
Caramelized Root Vegetables


Fried Brioche
Bread & Butter


Black Currant Ice Cream
Hand picked and preserved black currants, caramelized white chocolate, crispy meringue
Caramelized Apple Sorbet (ve)
Gently sugar roasted hand picked apples, filo pastry, sponge toffee
Cherry Cheesecake
Preserved garden sour cherries, black cherry compote, homemade mascarpone, madagascar vanilla bean, crispy meringue, sponge toffee
Torta Al Cioccolato
Contreau infused chocolate mousse, cherry fudge, caramelized white chocolate, crispy meringue