Our History

The one and half story historic farmhouse that is home to Culinaria Restaurant, was built using Credit Valley stone, by an immigrant from Scotland, Adam Elliot.

Elliot built the small farm house when he and his family first immigrated and settled in Peel in 1860. He later became notable in history by serving on the Grand Jury in 1827, and again after his son built the first reaping machine in Canada.

In 1886 John Elliot, the son of Adam, sold their family home, which for the next 90 years belonged to many different owners. In 1981 the property received it’s historical designation and in 2010 became Culinaria Restaurant.

Throughout the years we’ve continued to prominently feature the beautiful and unique 19th century historic accents throughout our event spaces and dining rooms, which provides a rustic dining experience to everyone who comes though our doors.

In 2014, we grew again, adding a series of recreational cooking classes, which would become so successful we would launch Home Chef School that same year, which now proudly offers a variety of recreational classes that help us share our passions for community and food.

As a business, we are focused on fresh food, local suppliers and educating our community. We’re proud to serve food and teach with products that are ethically, sustainably, and locally sourced.

So, whether it’s perfecting a specialty menu or cooking up some new classes, we’re always planning ahead and looking forward to something new and exciting to share with you.

Bon Appétit.

Meet Our Team

Born and raised in London, ON with a genuine positive attitude, motivation to succeed, and strong work ethic. After 3 years of studying and networking, she graduated from Fanshawe College and followed a career path in the hospitality/event industry ever since, building 12+ years experience in customer service, event planning, sales and management. She and her husband decided to move and settle down in Mississauga, which allowed them to focus on career development and expand their network. With adaptability and enthusiasm, Chelsea joined the Culinaria team in March 2017 and has evolved over the years into her current position by working hard, building a strong relationship and connecting with many clients, and motivating her team members. She’s here, dedicated, and ready to help plan a memorable celebration for all of your special occasions and life milestones!

Chelsea Scott

Business & Events Manager

Michelle Janik

Service & Operations Manager

Michelle developed her passion for the hospitality industry while working towards obtaining her Undergraduate Degree, which she earned in 2016 with an Honours B.A in Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University. She is driven by her motivation to lead and facilitate organizational culture, increase team efficacy, engage with team members to set and accomplish personal and career goals, while also implementing company standards and processes. She is an experienced leader that strives to provide transparent and thorough communication, increase staff productivity and task initiatives, while also providing the tools to ensure that an exceptional customer service experience is achieved. She takes pride in maintaining relations with all guests visiting Culinaria, members of surrounding communities and all food and beverage vendors.

Stefano is an intelligent, skilled and pleasant team member, truly the jack of all trades. Compliments to his hard work ethic, attention to detail, mixology, wine knowledge and exceptional friendly service. He awaits the opportunity to welcome you to Culinaria and Home Chef School for a wonderful dining or cooking experience!

Stefano Petrilli

Front of House Supervisor

David Buchanan


Driven by his military background, corporate success, ability to strategize and motivate others, he truly leads by example. Proud owner of Culinaria Restaurant & Events, Home Chef School and the Culinary Arts School of Ontario. He continues to inspire and challenge not only himself, but all others around him. He is always looking for the next project, some new and exciting innovations, to continue growing the business and striving for success in the fast-paced ever-changing culinary industry.

Born and raised in Poland, Kasha moved to Canada aspiring to build the life of her dreams; This came true as she met David, got married, and developed a plan to open their own business and support their family legacy. They risked it all and opened up the Culinary Arts School of Ontario and then Culinaria Restaurant, both of which have been successfully operating for the past 19 years and counting, allowing domestic and international students to strive for success in the culinary industry. Her passions were heavily influenced and inspired by family and traditional home cooking.

Kasha Buchanan

Director of Culinary Arts School of Ontario