Foodie Adventures

  • Immerse yourself in the complex flavours and exotic spices of traditional Indian food.  During this dining experience, you’ll have a chance to taste: Amuse Bouche: Paneer Tika Vegetable Samosas Butter Chicken Galub Jamun
  • Peruvian cuisine is a melting pot of influences from almost every continent, with a direct link to the Incas. In this culinary experience you’ll taste:
    • Amuse Bouche: Papas Fritas
    • Papas la hurricana
    • Anticuchos
    • Tarte de limon
  • French food is known for its luxurious and indulgent ingredients. Feel extravagant as you experience this french forward menu where you’ll taste: Amuse Bouche: Tapenade Bouillabaisse Hen Provincial Castillion
  • Transport yourself to Italy with this featured menu that is designed to explore traditional Sicilian cuisine.  In this experience you’ll taste: Amuse Bouche: Tarallucci Ontario Buffalo Mozzarella Arancini Caponata Canollo Ricota
  • Explore the delicate and complex flavours of Thailand with us in this Foodie Adventure dining experience.  In this menu you’ll have a chance to taste: Amuse Bouche: Fried Spring Roll Thot man khao phot: Corn Fritter Coconut Chicken Curry Kluai Khaen
  • Tuscan food is known for it’s simplicity, heartiness and often rustic feeling dishes. In this dining experience you’ll have a chance to taste: Amuse Bouche: Crostini Toscani Ribolatta Hen Cacciatore Biscotti Toscana
  • The foods of Greece are all about bold and fresh flavours. In this featured menu we explore the simple flavours or Greece, which include: Amuse Bouche: Tzatziki Calamari Moussaka Baklava
  • In this traditional Mexican menu, we’ll discover the spices and fresh ingredients native to Mexican cuisine.  You’ll have a chance to experience: Amuse Bouche: Gucamoli Quesadilla Fajitas Caramel Flan


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