• Peruvian cuisine is a melting pot of influences from almost every continent, with a direct link to the Incas. In this culinary experience you’ll taste:
    • Amuse Bouche: Papas Fritas
    • Papas la hurricana
    • Anticuchos
    • Tarte de limon
  • Explore the delicate and complex flavours of Thailand with us in this Foodie Adventure dining experience.  In this menu you’ll have a chance to taste: Amuse Bouche: Fried Spring Roll Thot man khao phot: Corn Fritter Coconut Chicken Curry Kluai Khaen
  • In this traditional Mexican menu, we’ll discover the spices and fresh ingredients native to Mexican cuisine.  You’ll have a chance to experience: Amuse Bouche: Gucamoli Quesadilla Fajitas Caramel Flan
  • Tuscan food is known for it’s simplicity, heartiness and often rustic feeling dishes. In this dining experience you’ll have a chance to taste: Amuse Bouche: Crostini Toscani Ribolatta Hen Cacciatore Biscotti Toscana
  • The foods of Greece are all about bold and fresh flavours. In this featured menu we explore the simple flavours or Greece, which include: Amuse Bouche: Tzatziki Calamari Moussaka Baklava
  • French food is known for its luxurious and indulgent ingredients. Feel extravagant as you experience this french forward menu where you’ll taste: Amuse Bouche: Tapenade Bouillabaisse Hen Provincial Castillion
  • Transport yourself to Italy with this featured menu that is designed to explore traditional Sicilian cuisine.  In this experience you’ll taste: Amuse Bouche: Tarallucci Ontario Buffalo Mozzarella Arancini Caponata Canollo Ricota
  • Immerse yourself in the complex flavours and exotic spices of traditional Indian food.  During this dining experience, you’ll have a chance to taste: Amuse Bouche: Paneer Tika Vegetable Samosas Butter Chicken Galub Jamun
  • Black garlic is an old japenese tradion that harnesses the power of fermentation to transform this simple ingredient into something decident. Black garlic is sweet and smokey with hints of molasse and of course, garlic. It can be used in any dish where garlic is welcome flavour. It will deepen and enhance the flavour of the ingredient in your dish. In our kitchens, we use it in a variety of dishes, as well as in our signature Caesar dressing.
  • Preserving fresh herbs in oil not only allows you to enjoy the fresh flavour of them well into the winter season, but it gives you an ultra-versitile way to add more flavour to salad dressings, dips or any recipe where you're using unheated oil. You can even try adding basil oil to fresh bread or your favourite pasta dish.
  • There is no better way to preserve herbs that are in season than to make oil. Dill oil is a staple in our kitchen, and soon to be a staple in yours as well. It adds a layer of interest into salad dressings, dips, or any recipe that calls for unheated oil.
  • Once day, while experimenting in the kitchen, we accidentally invented, what we now call, "bread-so". Basically, it's a bread-based miso that has a one month fermentation time. At the end of the process, the proteins from the bread work with the miso to create an amazingly sweet umami sensation. You can use bread-so in any place that you would use seed-so or regular miso paste, but watch out for the sugar content of this creation when you're using it in recipes. Try it on vanilla ice cream or as part of the salt for your next bread baking adventure.


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